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Note: If upon logging into Canvas, you do not see a  shell for any of your courses, contact us!

Get Started

1. How to Log Into Canvas

2. Shell Combining Request
If you teach several sections of the same course, you may want to request that we combine them into ONE Canvas shell. You won’t have to update several shells. Section combining does not merge content, grades, or records from multiple shells. It only combines all the rosters into a master shell.  

3. Canvas Lite
Upon logging into Canvas, you will see the Canvas Lite shell on your Dashboard. This lite self-paced (optional) courselet* includes the most essential information to get you started. You can ask questions of Canvas experts under the Q & A support forums.

*This is not a substitute for the certification that is required for teaching hybrid and fully online classes.

4. Quick-Start Videos on Canvas & Zoom

Byte-Sized Canvas

Excellent short videos that focus on wonderful features of Canvas. Even if you are a veteran Canvas user, you will learn from the pedagogical and technological tips that can be found in these videos to support your online course design.

Must-View Checklists
Additional Canvas User Guides
New Rich Content Editor
External Apps in Canvas

Let us know how we can help you with your online teaching experience at Delta! Contact us.