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Canvas Checklist – End-of-Course

End of Course Practices

These checklists are created by the Training Services Department at Instructure. The End-of-Course Checklist is helpful to review when you are nearing the end of your course term.

How To Use

A ★ is an Essential practice and a ★★ rating indicates a Best Practice criteria. Features that may or may not be utilized at the Institution will also be listed as If Applicable. Relevant help guides are linked throughout the text.

Essential  ★                                             


Verify Grades (If Applicable)

It is important to verify grades if Canvas is the gradebook of record. Any changes made will affect student final grades.

Best Practices  ★★                                                



Export Grades 

From the Grades tab in a Canvas course, use the Export button to download a CSV file of your final grades. 


Export or Copy Content

Using the Export Course Content tool in Course Settings will allow you to save a file export package of your Course outside of Canvas. 


Settings (If Applicable)

Unless advised by your admin, avoid making changes to your Course Settings. This can include selecting options such as concluding a course, or changing course start and end dates.


Download Additional Data (If Applicable)

Student data can be downloaded in several areas of a course in addition to the Gradebook. The Learning Mastery Gradebook has an export of student Outcomes. Quizzes include Statistics with both student analysis and item analysis reports. 

Tip: Quiz Statistics can only be downloaded per quiz, not entire course

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