Canvas Training Certif

Canvas Training Certif

This Canvas training course meets the DE certification requirements at Delta College.

The goal of this training is to help you learn the core features of the Canvas system to teach and support your classes. The training is self-paced, but instructor-led. It takes most participants about 3 weeks to complete it.  Offered fully online to Delta faculty, free of charge.


Summer Session will run June 3 – August 2.

May join at any time through July 26, at 5:00pm. 


Hello everyone and welcome to Introduction to Canvas Training. The goal of this training program is to make you competent and comfortable in using the Canvas system to offer your online courses.

This is a three-week, self-paced, instructor-facilitated training session with 5 Modules. Follow the recommended schedule below and you will find this a fairly relaxed pace. You may move along at your own pace if you like. If you feel really comfortable and finish in a couple of days, great!

Week #1

  • Module 1: Getting Started with Canvas
  • Module 2: Designing Your Course

Week #2

  • Module 3: Start Creating

Week #3

  • Module 4: Manage it all! 
  • Module 5: Make it Live! 

This is a hands-on training class. You will be given a practice course to use in the training to apply the features and functionality that you will learn. 

Satisfactory Completion

Faculty who complete this Canvas certification training will earn a badge and a certificate, and a $250.00 stipend. Upon satisfactory completion of this training program, faculty may also claim 15 hours of flex. 

In order to pass this class, you will be asked to complete a variety of tasks in your own class site using the Canvas tools. Each task is worth points. Between these tasks, discussions, quizzes, and a final survey, you can earn up to 500 points.  

To pass the training course, you need to:

  • Earn 425 points which is a 85%. You don’t have to be perfect!
  • Turn in every assignment. We want you to experience all the tools and allow us to give you feedback on what you can do with Canvas.

About the Instructors

Ana De La MoraAna De La Mora

I am the Professional Development and Distance Education Coordinator here at Delta College. I work in the Professional Development Center in Holt 121.

I have a BS in Mathematics cc in Computer Science and an MA in Interdisciplinary Education STEM. I am an educator and a lifetime learner. I believe we can all achieve our learning goals with the right supports and a growth mindset.

I am happy to answer any questions and connect with you!

James NealJames Neal 

I am an Instructional Designer and Technology Trainer here at Delta College. I work in the Professional Development Center in Holt 121. I have spent my career in education, including 16 years as a classroom teacher in K-12 as well as an educational consultant, and instructional designer. I believe that we are always learning and growing as educators. I am excited to learn from you and help you achieve your goals to support the students of Delta College.