Delta College offers fully online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses. They are taught or supported via the Canvas Learning Management System. The PDC provides tools, services, training, and support to instructors with technology and pedagogy.

DE Policies and Documents

Gain access to Administrative and Board Policies on Distance Education (DE), review Delta’s DE Plan and DE Faculty Handbout, OEI Rubric and other important documents. 

Accessibility Resources

Refer to this page for accessibility handouts, captioning resources, training in accessibility, and more. 

Open Educational Resources / Zero Textbook Cost

Keep an eye on the growing list of OER/ZTC resources here, such as links to Delta’s OER Commons, OpenStax, Cool4Ed, etc. 

Meet your Online Learning Support Team

Reach out to us for technical support, how-to Canvas inquiries, or questions on instructional design and effective strategies for teaching online. 

Let us know how we can help you with your online teaching experience at Delta! Contact us.