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Canvas Shell Section Combining Request & FERPA Compliance Considerations

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This form is for combining multiple sections of a course into a single Canvas shell. Section combining does not merge content, grades, or records from multiple shells. Read about Pros and Cons of Combining Sections before proceeding.

Before requesting to combine sections, please ensure that you understand how section combining may violate FERPA Compliance . If your sections are not combined officially in MyDelta, you must take the necessary steps to ensure student privacy. See Combining Sections & FERPA Compliance.

FERPA Compliance in Combined Shells

Here is a checklist of what you may need to do if you combine sections into ONE Canvas shell.
Under Settings > Course Details > more options, I will do ALL 3 of the below:*
Collaboration tools*
Graded Discussions*
Ungraded Discussions*
Group Discussions*
Group Work*
Teaching Assistants/Tutors/Readers*
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