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Get Started

Note: If upon logging into Canvas, you do not see a  shell for any of your courses, contact us!

1. How to Log Into Canvas

2. Shell Combining Request
If you teach several sections of the same course, you may want to request that we combine them into ONE Canvas shell. You won’t have to update several shells. All rosters will be in one shell. Skip this step if it doesn’t apply to you. 

3. Canvas Lite & Users Group
Upon logging into Canvas, you will see the Canvas Lite & Users Group shell on your Dashboard. This lite self-paced (optional) courselet* includes the most essential information to get you started. You can ask questions of Canvas experts under Discussions.

*This is not a substitute for the certification that is required for teaching hybrid and fully online classes.

4. Quick-Start Videos on Canvas & Zoom

If you bypass the Canvas Lite tutorials, spend some time on the below videos.

  1. Set Up Your Canvas Course in 30 Minutes or Less (Videos)
  2. Teaching with CCCConferZoom (video)


Upcoming Training

Online Pedagogy Best Practices Discussion

Friday, April 3, 11:00am – Noon
Join here:
Hosted by Lynn Hawley, DE Committee Chair.


Introduction to Canvas (online)
This course certifies you to teach Distance Education (fully online and hybrid) courses.

April 6 – 26, 2020Closed
May 4 – 24, 2020Register Now!
June 8 – 28, 2020 –  Register Now!

JimIt is facilitated by Jim Marteney, Certified Online Learning Trainer. Learn more…


Online Regular Effective Contact Training (online)

Boost your Faculty-to-Student and Student-to-Student connections.  April 13 – May 1.

Learn more and register… 

Recorded videos

Recorded Training Sessions

Topic: Show & Tell of Canvas Courses (2 hours)

Date: Wed, Mar 18th, 2020 1:00 PM

Many thanks to the following professors for sharing their Canvas courses, tips and tricks, and best practices: Bob Rennicks, Chris Kim, Martha Villarreal, Deanna Azevedo, Aaron Garner, Patrick McClanahan, and Steven Graham.

Topic: Zoom Training (2 hours)

Date: Wed, Mar 18th, 2020 10:00 AM

Facilitated by Kerry Steers, PDC Instructional Support Technician


Canvas Basics, Part 1 (39 min)

Covers the dashboard, basic navigation, turning tools on/off, uploading a profile picture, creating a homepage, posting a syllabus, creating announcements, and some accessibility tips.

00:00 – Intro, Canvas Dashboard / Course Cards, Profile and Picture, Notifications, Basic Navigation
9:15 – Global and Course Navigation Menus, Turning Tools On & Off
12:28 – Setting up a Homepage (including how to post picture and make hyperlinks)
26:27 – Posting Your Syllabus
33:45 – Posting Announcements


Canvas Basics, Part 2 (31 min)

Covers publishing your course, using “Student View,” uploading files (PowerPoints, documents), and setting up discussions.

00:00 – Intro; Showing “Recent Announcements” on the Course Homepage
04:10 – Publishing your Course
05:10 – Using Student View
6:36 – Using Files to Upload Documents, PowerPoints, etc.
15:45 – Setting up Discussions (and a Question & Answer forum for your students!)


Canvas Basics, Part 3 (57 min)

Covers setting up assignments, using SpeedGrader and marking up papers, setting up Quizzes, allowing extra time and attempts

00:00 – Intro; Setting up an Assignment
18:20 – Using SpeedGrader and Marking up Papers
23:40 – Assignment Groups
26:05 – Setting up Quizzes and Tests
51:43 – Allowing Extra Attempts or Extra Time
54:13 – A couple things to read up on in Canvas Lite & Users Group (Gradebook, Inbox)

  1. Submit a Canvas Faculty Support Ticket 
    (Supported by Delta Staff)
  2. Canvas Community Forums
    (This is another place where you can search Canvas Documentation for answers to questions, ask questions, etc. Supported by Canvas Staff).

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If your students are having login or other technical difficulties, please direct them to the following:

This information is also available under Help / left menu within Canvas.