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Peer Online Course Review

Peer Online Course Review (POCR) was established in 2014 by the CVC-OEI to remove barriers to quality online education for students in California Community Colleges and ensure that they have access to high-quality online courses designed to support student learning and success. Delta  began participating in POCR in 2019, as part of a CVC/OEI Online Pathways Grant in Early Childhood Education and Education. 

CVC Quality Reviewed
* Badged *

ECE 21 - Child and Adolescent Dev
ECE 31A - Teaching Young Children
ECE 63 - Child Discipline

Pending State Review
by OEI Team

COM ST 1A - Public Speaking
PSYCH 1 - Introduction to Psychology
Psych 5 - Biological Psychology

I can't think of any other thing done at Delta College that has this level of impact. I am currently using this class for the 2nd time .... I can't tell you how many students tell me how they appreciate the design of the class. So thank you to all of you for helping us make this happen.

-- Steven Graham, COM ST Faculty

POCR Review - In Progress

General Education Courses
Education Courses
Early Childhood Education Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria are used for POCR?

The POCR team uses the CVC/OEI Course Design Rubric which contains the online course design standards developed and adopted by CCCs.

Who can have their course peer reviewed?

The process is open to all faculty who have completed Canvas 2.0 Online Course Design training. Priority is given to high enrollment, UC-CSU transferrable courses.

Can I adopt a course that's been quality reviewed badged?

Yes. Please stay tuned for the process.

Can I be a POCR Reviewer?

Yes. Before you can become certified to serve as a POCR reviewer, you must have completed Canvas 2.0, and have taken one of your courses through the POCR process. Once you've completed the latter, you will be able to complete the 45-hr POCR certification process through @ONE.