Small-Bites Videos

Small-Bites Videos

Mini-Bites on Online Course Standards

Every Friday during the Spring 2023 semester, Distance Education Committee Chair Lynn Hawley will release very short videos that cover standards for online course design from the CVC-OEI rubric.

This rubric was adopted statewide in 2016 and Delta’s Academic Senate voted to adopt these standards for Delta College’s online instruction in the fall of 2018. The rubric was created by faculty who teach online, and it outlines best practices for course design to help faculty create effective online learning environments. But some faculty teaching online and hybrid courses are not familiar with this set of rubric standards.

 The purpose of these videos is to give everyone teaching online at Delta an overview of all of the course design standards that are used when online courses are reviewed, either by accreditation teams when they randomly select online classes to review during a visit or by peer reviewers in the Peer Online Course Review (POCR) process. Many of these are already part of your course, hopefully, while other videos may give you ideas on how to add even more to your instruction.

Each video is between 1-2 minutes long and two will be released each Friday.