Introduction to Canvas


This Introduction to Canvas training course is offered fully online, and is open only to Delta College faculty. 

The goal of this training is to make you competent and comfortable in using the Canvas system’s core features to teach your classes.

The training is FREE to Delta College faculty.


This is a three week training session with 9 Modules. The modules are grouped into 3 Units. If you schedule yourself to do one Unit per week, you will find this a fairly relaxed pace. You may move along at your own pace. If you feel really comfortable and can commit a lot of time, you could even finish the course in a couple of days. The lead trainer will be available for the entire three weeks to offer guidance and assistance.

Unit 1 Getting Started in Your Canvas Training  

  • Module 1:  Introduction to this training course and Canvas
  • Module 2:  Setting up your class to make it your own
  • Module 3:  Putting some content into your class

Unit 2 Communicating and Assessing Your Students 

  • Module 4:  Creating Announcements and sending messages
  • Module 5:  Creating and Evaluating Discussions
  • Module 6:  Creating Assignments

Unit 3 Setting Up Your Expectations for Quality Evaluations 

  • Module 7:  Creating Quizzes
  • Module 8:  Designing Rubrics
  • Module 9:  Developing Your Syllabus and Calendar

This is a hands-on training class. You will be given a practice course to use in the training to apply the features and functionality that you will learn. 


View this video:

Satisfactory Completion

In order to pass this class you will be asked to complete a variety of tasks in your own class site using the Canvas tools. Each task is worth points. Between these tasks, discussions, quizzes, and a final survey, you can earn up to 500 points. Successful participants will receive a certificate of completion.

To pass the training course, you need to:

  • Earn 425 points which is a 85%. You don’t have to be perfect!
  • Turn in every assignment. We want you to experience all the tools and allow us to give you feedback on what you can do with Canvas.

About The Instructor – Jim Marteney

Jim Marteney

Jim Marteney is a Certified Trainer and has been teaching online for over 10 years. He is an advanced user and trainer with deep experience in leading training and pedagogy courses for online teaching and learning. After teaching at Los Angeles Valley College for over thirty-five years, Jim is now Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies. For his last 6 years, Jim was the college’s Distance Learning Trainer where he had the opportunity to help design instructor’s classes and improve their online teaching skills.

Jim understands the challenge of learning a new online teaching system and looks forward to working with you as you develop you online courses using the Canvas learning management system.

Sample Videos

Sample videos from the Introduction to Canvas course, by Etudes, Inc. Taught by Jim Marteney.

Using Student View in Canvas

Using the New Canvas Gradebook

Introduction to Unit 3 of the Introduction to Canvas Course

(Get an idea of what goes on in the course)


If you have any questions about this training class, contact us.