Design Plus & Canvas Studio Series

Design Plus & Canvas Studio Series

Tech Tuesdays

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Design Plus Track

By Aaron Garner

Canvas Studio Track

By James Neal

Creating Popovers & Buttons

Tuesday, October 26 @ 11:00am

Learn how to create buttons and how to use popovers to provide extra information in an elegant, non-cluttering way. 

Combining Short Videos

Tuesday, Nov. 2 @ 11:00am

Learn how to combine shorter videos and recordings together.

Creating Accordions & Tabs

Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 11:00am

Learn how to create accordions and tabs in Canvas to present content more effectively.

Screen Recording

Tuesday, Nov. 16 @ 11:00am

Screen recording multimedia clips and integrating into video presentations.

How to Build Courses with the Multi-Tool

Tuesday, Nov. 23, @ 11:00am

Join us to learn how to rapidly build courses in Canvas using the Design Tools Multi-Tool. 

Inserting Quiz Questions into Studio Videos

Tuesday, Nov. 30 @ 11:00am

Integrating questions into Canvas videos and connecting them to the Canvas gradebook.


Visit the DesignPlus forum for additional videos and for questions. 

Visit the Canvas Studio forum for support and additional resources. 

Creating a Home Page

Tuesday, October 12 @ 11:00am

Learn how to create professional looking Home pages using Design Plus.

View How-To Video on Home Pages (12 minutes)
How to Split Long Videos

Tuesday, Oct. 19 @ 11:00am

Learn now to quickly split longer videos into smaller, more manageable videos in Studio.

How to Split Large Videos
Get Started with Design Plus

Tuesday, Sept. 28 @ 11:00am

Learn how to start using DesignPlus in your Canvas courses and creating content blocks. View the first two videos in the 
DesignPlus Forum  (less than 5 minutes each). 

Recorded session
Captioning Videos Helpers

Tuesday, Oct. 5 @ 11:00am

Allow an authorized person to assist in captioning videos in Canvas Studio.

View Videos on how to allow caption helpers