Tech Tip Rebuttal – When a Canvas “Blunder” Might be Better

Tech Tip Rebuttal – When a Canvas “Blunder” Might be Better

Last week, I sent the following message about new mini-videos that @One has created. I picked one video segment to demonstrate the kinds of topics that are covered:

For example, did you know there’s a “wrong” way to add content onto a Canvas page? This little mistake is often the cause of broken links when you import your content into the next semester’s course shell. Come learn the best method for adding images, files and links in Canvas. (And the secret of what to do if your images suddenly aren’t displaying correctly.) The video below covers 3 minutes on what to do to avoid these common errors in Canvas.

In response, Deanna Azevedo sent the Tech Tip Team their first ever rebuttal! Deanna is a power user of Canvas, an Art History professor, and a regular contributor to the Distance Education Committee. While the above-linked video shows one way to load images in Canvas that many instructors use, her concern is that if you teach an online course that is image-rich, that this particular way of loading images may not be the best approach. 

Take a look at Deanna’s take on how to manage images in your course.

If you have any questions or want to share a tip that you have found useful in Canvas, please let us know. There will be no Tech Tip next week (happy Spring Break) but we will be back on April 2. Thank you, Deanna, for putting together our first Tech Tip Rebuttal!  

Lynn Hawley