Spring Cleaning: Organizing your Canvas Course Cards

Spring Cleaning: Organizing your Canvas Course Cards

Our first Tech Tip of the semester is all about getting organized – specifically, the course cards on your Canvas Dashboard. 

Missing a course?  Unwanted cards showing from previous semesters?  Remember, the first and best place to go for a complete list of all your course shells is Courses >> All Courses


From the list of shells under All Courses, the ones with colored stars will display as cards on your Dashboard.  The ones with white stars will be hidden from your Dashboard.  Read more and see sample pictures here:

How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor?

…but that’s not all!

The short guide linked below is full of tips that will show you:

How do I view my favorite courses in the Card View Dashboard as an instructor?

Wishing you a wonderful (and organized) Spring term!

-Jenn Azzaro