San Joaquin Delta College
5151 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95207

Invoice NumberINV-0001
Invoice DateSeptember 30, 2020
Total Due$153,000.00

Bill to:     
Stockton Unified School District
701 N. Madison St.
Stockton, CA  95202

RE: Request to Invoice, Contract # 20-29. Fall 2020 Contract Courses.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Facil IDNbrSubjectCatalogDescrUnits
CCHS70977A J21Criminal Justice3
SECA71766ART  33ABeginning Drawing3
SECA70907BUS  20Introduction to Business3
SECA70978A J  21Criminal Justice3
SECA71513HIST   7History Through Film3
SECA71707HIST  31Mexican-American History3
SECA71581POLSC   5International Relations3
SECA71518PSYCH   1Intro To Psychology3
SECA71715PSYCH   2Intro To Psych Stats3
SECA70397COM ST1APublic Speaking3
SECA71921ENG   1AReading and Composition3
SECA71922ENG1AReading and Composition3
SECA71932ENG1DCritical Composition3
SECA71933ENG1DCritical Composition3
SECA73340ENG30Film as Literature3
SECA71903ENG  45Shakespeare3
SECA70022RELGN14AGreat Relgns/East World3
Total51 units
Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceAdjustSub Total
17Contract Education courses offered ($3000 per unit). Each course is 3 units.$9,000.000.00%$153,000.00
Sub Total$153,000.00
Total Due$153,000.00