Regular Effective Contact in Your Syllabus

Regular Effective Contact in Your Syllabus

Today’s tech tip is about having a plan for Regular Effective Contact in your online and hybrid courses and making it visible

One suggestion is to add a “Regular Effective Contact” section to your Syllabus that outlines your plan for communicating with your students online.  This is also a great place to list your expected response times on questions and grading, and to quantify any contact that happens outside of Canvas, such as in-person office hours.

Here is just one of many possible examples:

What You Can Expect From Me:  

  • Weekly Announcements with a checklist of what we’re working on, answers to FAQs, other pertinent info.
  • Weekly input in class discussions; capstone post summarizing and bridging ideas.
  • Brief videos of me introducing each unit.
  • The following response times for questions and grades:
    • Email and Canvas Conversations – within 48 hours
    • Class Discussion board questions – within 48 hours
    • Grades for Quizzes – upon submission
    • Grades for Final Exam – within 1 week of submission
    • Grades for Discussions and Homework – within 2 weeks of due date
    • Grades for Research Project – within 4 weeks of due date
  • You can also find me in my office on campus, Holt 121, M-W-F 3:00-4:00 PM.  

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

-Jenn Azzaro