New DE Sections in the New Curriqunet!

Recently, Delta College updated its curriculum system to a new version of CurricUNET, now called Curriqunet. As part of the update, Sharon Daegling and I worked on a new, more robust curriculum process for the online method of instruction. The purpose of this update was to fulfill accreditation and Title V requirements that a separate curriculum review take place for courses offered in the online format. It is also an opportunity for faculty to review how their fully online and hybrid courses fulfill OEI rubric standards.

If you are updating courses and choose “online” as one of the methods of instruction, you will now see four new areas that need responses. These areas align with the OEI rubric – Interaction, Assessment, Content Presentation, and Accessibility. There is an additional area that will look familiar – Contact Types and Frequency – where you will choose the methods you typically use to contact students and how often they are used.

This Guide to DE Sections in Curriqunet is designed to help faculty with questions and sample language for each new section. Please contact me if you have any questions about this updated curriculum area. I want to thank Sharon Daegling for all of the work she’s done for this update to our curriculum system. She is currently offering training workshops on the new Curriqunet and they are well worth attending.

-Lynn Hawley