Gettin’ Snazzy with Dashboard Images

Gettin’ Snazzy with Dashboard Images

You may remember our earlier tips on organizing your Canvas Dashboard with course colors, nicknames, and drag & drop arranging.  We are pleased to add one more way to make courses stand out on your Dashboard – Images!

To add an image to a Canvas course card, go into the course Settings and choose an image from either your computer or Flickr.  For detailed instructions, visit this page:

How do I add an image to a course card in the Dashboard?

Here’s what faculty have to say about this feature –

  • It “Humanizes” the course a bit by adding a personal
    touch. It begins to give a “feeling” for the course that you wouldn’t
    get in just a color tile. –JMarteney
  • If I am teaching multiple online courses, I can quickly go from
    one class to the other by using the graphics instead of reading the title or
    looking at the color of the class. –JMarteney
  • Images give me a way to quickly differentiate between my three
    sections of the same class. –IC

Sounds great – but do students see the images too?

Yes!  Colors are specific to each individual user but the course image you set displays for both the teacher and students.  Check out the example below – Teacher View is on the left; Student View is on the right.

Enjoy jazzing up your Dashboard and if you have any questions, let us know! 

-Jenn Azzaro