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Zoom "Security" Button - one stop security shopping!

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Having a kiddo who now attends class on Zoom, I'm constantly checking for updates and ways to make this application as secure as possible.  I'm happy to share that the latest version (4.6.12, released Apr 21, 2020), includes a new Security button in the lower toolbar that combines all of the existing security controls in one easy to use place. 

Click screenshot to see image in full size

Zoom Security Button

Even if you configured your account settings a certain way at (ConferZoom "HQ", as we call it), you can quickly toggle a security feature on or off for the meeting you have in progress.  Need to enable the Waiting Room or stop participants from sharing their screens? No problem!

Read more about the Security button here!

Note: if you don't see this button in your toolbar, try manually updating by opening the Zoom desktop application, clicking your profile picture in the upper-right corner, and selecting "Check for updates" 

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