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Simplify your Home Page for your Students ("Course Navigation")


Robert Rennicks
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When your students land on your Home Page for your course, are they OVERWHELMED by choices to click on?

Do they NEED to see "People"? "Outcomes"? "Pages"? or even "Files"?  (Canvas creates so many files, why confuse them?  There are simpler ways to provide links to handouts!)

Make your Home Page less confusing by SIMPLIFYING the choices where students could get lost.

You do this by going to the SETTINGS --> NAVIGATION tab:

Navigation 1

There you will find Two BLOCKS of Canvas options.  All the functions in the Top Block are visible to your students.  Those in the Bottom Block are NOT visible.  

You can easily change things by DRAGGING one function from the top to the bottom.  (You can also reorder the functions at the top--put MODULES and GRADES there!)

Here is what my "Student View" of my Home Page looks like--a LOT simpler!

Student View Nav

Give it a try!  Your students will thank you for it...well, actually, it's one of the MANY things they will NOT thank you for...since they won't know you have done anything! Smile  


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