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Grading in Bulk

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Lynn Hawley
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Now that a lot of you are creating online assignments, get into the habit of creating a "comments" list for each assignment. For example, in every module my students have to do a written assignment and I want to leave an individualized comment for each student with suggestions for improvement. This is all part of Regular Effective Contact but HOO! With our big classes, we need to streamline the process as much as possible.


I've created a list of typical comments to address the grading situations I regularly see (lack of citation, lack of a quote, writing errors, not responding clearly to the discussion prompt, etc.). Then, for most of the usual types of posts I can copy and paste the bulk of the comments into the comments text box in Speedgrader. I will still personalize the comments to reference particular things I saw in the post but I don't have to type the same things over and over!



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