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Web Browser Extensions that Make Your Life Easier

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Top 10 Web Brower Extensions

In no particular order!

  1. Grammar and spelling checker.
  2. Clipboard History Pro. Keeps a list of the last 150 things you’ve copied (ctrl-c) on a clipboard for easy retrieval and allows you to keep a list of favorites.
  3. Voice-In Speech-to-text Dictation. Speak into your computer microphone; dictates your speech into almost any text box including Canvas.
  4. Records your actions on the computer to create a set of step-by-step instructions for someone else to follow.
  5. Reads the text of web pages aloud; lots of voices to pick from (including Snoop Dogg).
  6. Mouse Tooltip Translator. Hover over or select text, and it will appear in a pop-up in the language of your choice.
  7. Wolfram Alpha. A research tool; Wikipedia on steroids. Retrieves useful information on any topic.
  8. Instant Dictionary by Good Word Guide. Select a word, a full dictionary definition pops up.
  9. MyBib Free Citation Generator. Easily creates references and in-text citations for any style.
  10. Dualless. Splits your screen in different ratios, placing two different browser windows alongside each other.

Bonus: Honorable Mentions

These are also handy apps to have depending on your needs.

  1. Access all of your SJDC apps without opening a browser window.
  2. Floating Player PIP. Creates a picture-in-picture effect when playing videos on your monitor.
  3. When shopping online, grades the authenticity of the reviews for the products you’re browsing.
  4. One of many online accessibility checkers available for free.
  5. Open Dyslexia. Converts the fonts in a browser to a font that is easier to read for people who suffer from dyslexia.
  6. Ad Block. Blocks ads across most internet sites.

How to Get Them

Navigate to the store for extensions or add-ons for the browser you are using, and search for the desired tools.

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