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Smart Brevity Examples

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Hello All, 

Let's practice Smart Brevity. Feel free to share your own examples. How are you planning on using Smart Brevity in your writing? 

Below is an example of an email I shared campus wide. This was my first attempt at Smart Brevity! 



Subject Line: NEXT STEPS: Communicating with Tact & Professionalism

Greetings Delta Community! 
We just wrapped up an amazing session in our Classified Workforce Development Series on Communicating with Tact & Professionalism. 
WHY IT MATTERS:  As members of the Delta Community, it is essential that our communication aligns with our fundamental values. Effectively conveying messages entails the skill to create clear, concise, and respectful email messages, along with cultivating exemplary email etiquette.
WHAT WE HEARD: Monicque Vasquez showed us how to effectively communicate so that our messages are received and understood. 
MISSED THE SESSION?: Watch the recording and let's practice our Smart Brevity skills in the PDC Forums. We would love to see examples of how you are using Smart Brevity. 
WHAT'S NEXT: Monicque Vasquez will join us for another session Feb. 14th 2024 to discuss Building Effective Relationships. Save the date!
Warm Regards, 



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