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Studio is available to faculty and students. 

  • Students can submit video assignments; faculty can give feedback directly on specific spots in the video. 
  • Students can add comments or replies on Studio videos, posted by the instructor or shared by classmates in groups. 

Students can access Studio from the global menu in Delta's Canvas. They can also access Studio within the Canvas Rich Content Editor. From there, they can ADD video files (.mp4) or add YouTube URLs or RECORD a new video, using a webcam or screencast right in Canvas.

Note: Students cannot access Studio from the left menu of a shell. 

Studio User Guides for Students


Video Tutorial - Using Studio  

Mobile Options

Please note the assignment submission process will be different for students when using the Canvas mobile app. Video content that was created with a mobile device can be uploaded to Studio using the Canvas Student app. In the Canvas Student app, students can upload video content directly to  Studio in the submission process.  The guides below will help students learn how to submit assignments via the Canvas Student app. 

Android Guides
iOS Guides



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