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Using Insight in Studio

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I just learned about the Insight option in which we can see if a student has watched a video and how much of it they have watched.  This could be very helpful, except for one thing.  The students seem to be in no particular order.  If I am trying to check on a specific student, I have to scroll through all 160 trying to find that one.  The order of students is the same for every video in my course, even the ones no one has watched yet.  I hope that there is some way to put these in alphabetical order, or the function will not be of much use.  Thanks.
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It looks like you are not alone in your observation about this limitation.

See this thread on Improvements to Studio Insights Needed:

There seem to be several additional concerns reported, but one that is more concerning that the alpha order request is the inaccurate access data. If students access the videos through a browser on a mobile device instead of using Canvas Student, then Studio won't record their viewing. 

Hopefully these issues are being addressed by Canvas. 

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I'll drop Melissa Loble a line, as she is able to pass these comments directly to the development team.  I have found that posting ideas to the Canvas site is about as useful as pushing the 'close door' button on an elevator. 


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