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[Sticky] Using Canvas Studio for Video Assignments, Discussions, or Quizzes  

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Using Canvas Studio for video/audio assignments allows you not only to comment globally on the entire video as you normally would in SpeedGrader, but also to supplement that with in-timeline feedback on specific elements of the video. While viewing a video in Canvas Studio, instructors may pause the video and comment at that particular timestamp, thus creating a series of time-based comments within the video.

  1. In your Canvas course site, click the Assignments link in the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the + Assignment button located in the top right hand corner.
  3. Fill in your Assignment's:
    • Name
    • Description/Instructions (be sure to include the expectation that they upload a video to Canvas Studio)
    • Points Possible
  4. Within the Submission Type area, select Online from the drop-down menu.
  5. Check the boxes for Text Entry or File Uploads (see the explanation below the screenshot).

    Note: Do not select the ‘Media Recordings’ option here.


  6. Enter your assignment's due date.
  7. Click the Save and Publish button.

This assignment will work with Canvas Groups, and can be assigned to individual students or Sections using the 'Assign to' toolbox with various due and availability date settings.

Text Entry vs File Uploads

Text Entry will provide the student the standard Canvas rich text box editor with the standard formatting options. There is a drop-down menu here where students can insert a Canvas Studio or other media file into their text entry.

The reason you might choose to use text entry is to allow the student to create a page with some words to contextualize or describe their video or perhaps to insert other media files such as images. You'll also be able to use the markup features in SpeedGrader on any submitted text, leaving in-line comments, etc.


How students will submit Canvas Studio media from the text box editor

File Uploads is the best setting to use if the students are only submitting their video with no other media or written descriptions. They will get an option to use Canvas Studio or to simply attach their file from their computer or cloud storage location such as Google Drive or Office 365.

In most cases, selecting only the File Uploads option for the simple submission of a single video via Canvas Studio will suffice.


How students will submit Canvas Studio media from the Studio tab when 'File Upload' is selected

Note: It is not advised to use the "Media Recordings" option as it does not allow detailed feedback.


In both graded and ungraded Canvas Discussions, students will have the Rich Content Editor text box with the standard formatting options available to create their posts. Canvas Studio media files can be inserted as in the above screenshot in the ‘text entry’ option for a Canvas Assignment.

If you want your entire class to review other student's videos, you would need to use a Discussion Board to make that happen. Students would upload their video(s) in a reply post, thereby allowing all other students to view their video and provide feedback/comments.


The same editing window applies to Canvas Quizzes if you give a student an 'Essay Question'.


Video, and audio, assignments can be viewed/played and graded, with or without rubrics, within the SpeedGrader. Instructors can grade submissions in SpeedGrader (Links to an external site.) just like any other Canvas assignment.


Credits: University of Tennessee

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