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Only background is being recorded - Studio on Mac

Vivie Sinou
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I am working on a screen recording in Canvas Studio using a mac OS 11.5 Big Sur, but only my background is being recorded, not the application I want recorded. I can see this is an issue on the Canvas forums. In the past I used Screencastify and it worked just fine but I only have the free subscription. I believe I set up all the permissions for Studio on my Mac. Any suggestions? 

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Aaron Garner
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I just tried it on Chrome with success so at least we know it works.  I would double-check permissions.  Scroll through each item in the left column to see if Screen Recorder is listed on the right for any of them.  I think it's about 3.  Make sure they are are all checked.  You probably did this, but at least this will give us a starting point.

Edit:  If you have Screencast-O-matic, allow that one as well.


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