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Invalid launch error using Web URL

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When students submit assignments in my course using "Web URL" I can click the video link that is submitted, but it takes me to a blank screen that just says, "Invalid launch". Thankfully, I can still find the videos in the Studio library for that class. The videos do not appear in my general Studio library, just in the Studio library for that class. 

This error is mentioned in this Canvas Community post: Canvas Studio assignment submissions Invalid Launch errors.

The post mentions that if "Assignment Enhancements" are turned on then this error occurs, which we have turned on at Delta College. There isn't a fix for the error yet. It would be a shame to turn off "Assignment Enhancements", which are described here: What are Assignment Enhancements?


Please reply to this post if you've had the same thing happen. Vivie is aware of the error and we are waiting to see how prevalent the issue is and if a fix is developed. 

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