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[Sticky] Getting Started with Studio! [Videos - For Instructors]

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I spent some time learning Canvas Studio, and I thought I’d share some good videos with you!

Studio goes beyond video creation and video management. You can use Studio to promote student engagement.  

  • Students can leave comments and ask questions at specific moments in a video.  
  • You can create quizzes directly tied to a video you have made or found on YouTube, using the Studio quiz feature. Students answer the quiz questions as they watch the video. Studio quizzes can be added to an assignment.
  • With Studio's analytics, you can see if students have viewed the video.
  • Captioning videos is very easy in Studio. 

You can access Studio from the LEFT “global” menu of Canvas. It is available on the left menu of all shells.


Using Canvas Studio – How-to Videos:


Canvas Studio Walkthrough


Canvas Studio Introduction & Best Practices


Canvas Studio - Create Studio Quizzes


Canvas Studio Screen capture  


Canvas Studio Captions  


A few more good videos:


Canvas Studio Embedding  


How to embed quiz questions in your Canvas Studio videos  


Managing Studio Media  


Create Instructional Videos with Canvas Studio  

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