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Vivie Sinou
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Preparing materials to post online for students can be overwhelming. But there may be content available in your subject that you can adopt. If you are not familiar with Canvas Commons, you should check it out.

Canvas Commons is available to all instructors on the left menu of Canvas (below in-box). Commons is an area where individuals can share content and entire courses with colleagues across Canvas users/institutions.

Learn how to find a Commons resource and import it directly into a Canvas course shell.  

You can import courses, modules, assignments, quizzes, discussions, pages, or files from Commons into your Canvas course. Imported resources will retain their original published or unpublished status. Upon import, the contents will be added to whatever is already in the course. The only elements that the new content will override will be the image in the Canvas dashboard and the licensing indicated on the FrontPage. Alternatively, you could import resources into an empty development shell for close review.

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