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Making "sub" lists with new RCE

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Mary Ellison
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I wanted to put some of my handouts (pre-online days) directly onto a Canvas page. A lot of them are Word docs and have lists and sub lists. I struggled most of the day to get the new RCE to make a sub list (the old RCE didn't do it either). Turns out that I don't think you can without changing the HTML code by hand. If you click on the list icon, you get one or the other and the list is not continuous if you try to "sub" it. I want a numbered list so students can ask "how do you do #15?" If someone knows a better way I am happy to hear it. Basically, I copy the material from Word and the lists are screwed up when I paste it into Canvas so I go into the HTML editor and fix it.

Here is how to go to the HTML editor:

html editor

In the HTML editor you need to organize your lists the way you want them using <ol>, <li>, <ul>, etc. Not sure what they stand for exactly but I'm calling <ol> open list, <li> list item, <ul> under list. </ol> ends the list. Basically you need to start, stop, start, etc. the kinds of list you need using code. I only know how to get numbers and open dots. I'm not a coder, I just used trial and error (hence the waste of an entire morning). Warning: this is probably not worth the effort.

Example of sub-listing:

sublist real

Example of the HTML file:

sublists code


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Aaron Garner
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Sorry this is a quick response - I'm headed out for a bit.  I played around and here is a solution for sublists.  You probably already figured it out.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h2>A Nested List</h2>
<p>Lists can be nested (list inside list):</p>

<li>Black tea</li>
<li>Green tea</li>


The result is:

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
    • Black tea
    • Green tea
  3. Milk
Aaron Garner
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By the way, I just created a Word document with a list and sublist and then copy and pasted into the new RCE.  It looked perfect.  You don't really need to deal with an HTML file.



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