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Icon Maker in Canvas Editor

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Icon Maker is a simple Canvas tool that allows you to create icons when authoring content in the Rich Content Editor. The Icon Maker is accessed within the Editor (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Classic Quizzes, and the Syllabus). The icons you create can be re-used again and again. Just having text inside a shape with no icon can be useful, too.

Basic User Guide on Icon Maker

How do I create an icon using the Rich Content Editor Icon Maker?

In the Icon Shape drop-down menu, you can select the shape type you would like the icon to be. You can select between square, circle, triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, and star shapes.


Video Tutorials

Aaron Garner has created several video tutorials on the Icon Maker. They go from basic to advanced. You can review the tutorials and learn more here:

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