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Good evening, 

When "Importing Course Content" under the Settings tab, does anyone know how to remove "Current Jobs" that are "stuck".  There is one that says "Pre-Processing" and it looks like that is where my other files all started to line up in the "Queue". 

What I am reading online is that the only option is to reset the course content - but I don't see where to do that either - and would really like to avoid that as we have already started creating our modules. 

Thank you,

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Sometimes imports are really quick and other times they can take quite awhile.  I would give it until later this evening or even in the morning.    It doesn't happen very often, but I've had them get stuck for a bit.

Also, you didn't mention how many you tried at once, but they can slow if you try multiple imports at once or very close together.  It's kind of like having multiple copying jobs from hard drive to hard drive on a computer.

Let us know if it's still not importing by later this evening or tomorrow morning.


Edit:  regarding resetting course content, we don't have that option anymore and it's probably a good safety feature for us absent-minded professors who could use it by mistake. LoL  


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