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Grade uploaded Quiz Files in Speedgrader

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I have been struggling with a Canvas quiz. I am trying to do it as a classic quiz. One of the options for Canvas quiz questions is a file upload question. I want to do it as a "quiz" instead of an "assignment" because I want the quiz program to randomly choose between several variants of the question.

Each question contains several files of technical data. The students are asked to analyze the data, and each set of data results in several answers. Essentially, for each question, students need to produce 12 answers.

I tried playing with several formats but have not found what I want. I thought numerical answer would work. It allows you to set up many answers, but then, only lets you input one.

The file upload question does not display the uploaded file in Speedgrader. Therefore, the answer cannot be graded with Canvas annotations. It has to be downloaded, printed, and then graded, and then uploaded. I am unable to write this to be automatically graded or even to be displayed in speed grader.

I feel discouraged. If I do the same exercise as an assignment, I will have to choose which student gets which set of data. This would be difficult to manage. This is why I am trying the quizzes, but that's not looking good either.

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I am afraid Canvas is not very sophisticated in Quizzes or Speedgrader to do what you want.

I only see two solutions, neither of which is ideal: 

Option 1 - Create a File Upload question, where students get to submit their 12 responses in a file. You CAN specify the file types you will allow. You can create many of these in a question bank and randomize them, so that students get a variation of your question. As you point out, with this option, you have to download/open each student's submitted document, annotate it with your comments, save it and re-upload it to the student in the comment column in the Speedgrader. It takes longer than just being able to annotate within Speedgrader, but you would gain the randomization option.


Option 2 - Create an Easy question, where students enter their 12 responses in a text editor box. Again, you can create a pool with variations of the question to randomize them. But perhaps the Rich Content Editor doesn't have the functions that your discipline requires for students to use it to type their 12 responses? You would have used this question type otherwise, right? 


I moved your question in the forums in case others have more elegant solutions. 



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