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Can we give asynchronous timed exams?

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Moved from email for wider input on best practices and approaches to this. 


I learned today that it's impossible to give asynchronous timed exams in Canvas!

According to this discussion:


I don’t think what I want to do is possible.  


What I want to do is give asynchronous timed exams like this:


  1.  Students download an Exam PDF file, and Canvas notes the time they clicked to do this.
  2.  Students complete exam on paper, and scan this work into their phones as a PDF.
  3.  Students upload this scanned file back to Canvas, which notes the time they did this, and notes whether or not they did it within the allotted time.
  4.  Grade the exams with SpeedGrader, and Canvas will alert me to any that took longer than their allowed time for appropriate penalty.


During the spring semester I was doing exactly this, except that I had fixed exam times, hence I could control when the exam started an ended, as it was all synchronous.  Now that synchronous instruction has been forbidden, (aargh!) the very least I would expect is to have the ability to deliver a timed exam asynchronously.  

The discussion thread above offers some clumsy workarounds, but it appears that employing them then cuts out the possibility of using SpeedGrader.  

Any suggestions?

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This would be some work, but what if you asked the students to give you a time frame they could take the exam.  You pre-program it so it's open for the requested time slot.  You could even create several time slots on a few different days and ask them to pick one.  That would cut down on how many time slots you programmed.

I'm sort of thinking out loud so I'm not sure if this is a viable solution.



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