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Student-Led Study Group using Canvas Groups

Deanna de Azevedo
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Trying something new this term: student-led study groups.

The students initiated the idea in the class Q&A Forum and came up with their own name for the group. I jumped in and decided to give the study group a home, which also means I can "pop in" and participate. 

Below is what I shared with students. In exploring the GROUP interface, it's difficult to tell how much control instructor has in terms of aligning the group environment to guidelines that are based on Syllabus and AP5500. For example, in the main classroom I can set open/close dates for discussions and limit access to files.


  1. Has anyone tried this before?
  2. How did it go?
  3. Any best practices to share?
  4. As the instructor and in case of misuse of the GROUP (Ugh... Bummer to have to go there!), what are my management options within the GROUP setting short of DELETING the group?

Thanks so much and look forward to feedback!



Here's what I shared with students:

Welcome to your student study group! Please review the following to ensure the study group environment meets high academic standards. Here's to your success! —Professor de Azevedo


  • All activity in the study group needs to conform to the Syllabus, Q&A Forum Guidelines, and Student Code of Conduct (AP5500)
  • Activity that does not conform may cause the closure of the study group.
  • All discussions and activities within the study group will conclude no later than one-hour prior to a scheduled examination.
  • The study group needs to be offline while examinations are open.
  • The study group needs to adhere to the Art 1A Honor Code.
  • Instructor is welcome to visit and participate.


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Lynn Hawley
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Hey Deanna -


Could you shut down the study groups temporarily during the exams (set the date and time for one hour before the first exam then go back in and edit the date and time to re-open them?)

Deanna de Azevedo
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Hi Lynn —

That's what I was thinking too and exactly what I do for Q&A Forums in the main classroom. But, I do not see any GROUP MENUS that give me these options short of DELETE. Also in main classroom, I can:

  • Disable student editing and deleting of discussion posts; and
  • Set type of access to files.

None of those features appear available; checked both instructor and student guides too. Perhaps I'll see if I can run an "experiment" in the Canvas Lite shell to see what the possibilities are. 


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