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OBS - Open Broadcaster Software  

Aaron Garner
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Hi Fellow Comrades,

I've heard about OBS for awhile, but finally got around to downloading it this morning and trying it out.  It's a terrific piece of software and it's absolutely free.  Yes - free because it's open source.  There has been a fair amount of discussion about doing tutorials so this is another option.

The one feature that you can do easily is switch between scenes and the scenes can be pretty much anything to a video clip, second monitor multiple cams and even just a graphic like a splash page.  If you have a Stream Deck you can do all this with physical buttons in real time - way cool.  Sorry, I'm getting a bit nerdy.

I think for most faculty Canvas Studio is going to be great - it's incredible and very sophisticated and I plan on learning more about it.  For those of you who want to get fancier with multiple shots or switching between cams and your desktop in real time, OBS is a great application.

Here is a link: Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

By the way, it's pretty simple to use if you stay pretty basic and it's cross-platform.  You can email me for any questions.  There are tons of youtube videos on OBS.



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