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Download a Video and Captions from YouTube

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Below are the steps to download a YouTube video you created that has captions, which you can then upload to a Canvas page. If you don't have captions made already, before adding a video and captions to Canvas, please use the auto-captions in YouTube to create accurate captions or have captions created professionally. When downloading captions from YouTube, choose either .vtt or .srt as Canvas will only accept one of these caption file types. 

  1. Go to YouTube, click Your Channel, click YouTube Studio, and click Videos
  2. Hover the mouse over the video, click Options (the three dots), and click Download
  3. Hover the mouse over the video, click Details (the pencil)
  4. Click More Options
  5. Click the button for the captions, which might be called "English" or "English by You"
    • Do not click Download as this will download a .sbv file, which is not compatible with Canvas
  6. Click Edit on Classic Studio 
  7. Click Actions
  8. Click either .vtt or .srt
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Thank you for your kind sharing. It is really helpful. As for YouTube downloaders, I think 2Conv and Joyoshare Screen Recorder are good options as well. 2Conv is a free and online tool to download YouTube videos to MP3, MP4, and AVI. Joyoshare software is able to record videos and audios in high quality without lag and any watermark. Most importantly, I sometimes use it to record a specific part of a video from the entire parts easily and quickly. Glad to share them here as alternatives. Have a good weekend ahead. ? 


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