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[Sticky] Getting Started with Lockdown Browser & Monitor

Vivie Sinou
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Lockdown Browser and Monitor is available to use with online exams and quizzes.

Before you request Lockdown Browser and Monitor for your Canvas shells, review and complete the below:

  1. Complete a training webinar    


  2. Review Guides for Working with Classic or New Quizzes

    Watch the Overview Video

    Learn how to prepare an exam

    Instructor Quick Start Guides

  3. Review: Inclusive Use of Proctoring Technology

    Gain better understanding of Concerns with Facial Detection Features


  4. Syllabus Section on LockDown Browser and Monitor

    Include a section in your Syllabus about how you will use the software, here to download the Lockdown Browser, link to student guides, and how to get help if they have difficulties  (see sample text to include in your Syllabus).


  5. Create a Practice Quiz


    Please create an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser so that students figure things out BEFORE the first graded quiz. Leave the practice quiz available for the whole term, with unlimited or many attempts, so students can access it again if they use a different computer. Label the quiz clearly to indicate that it's for practice. 


Once you’ve completed the requirements, request LockDown Browser for your shells:

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