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Canvas Idea: Add a Next Button to the Home Page

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I created a Canvas Idea called "Home Page: Add a Next Button When Using a Front Page". If you have a moment, would you please click the link below and add your own comment? The more support an idea has then, hopefully, Canvas might consider implementing the idea. 

I was encouraging a professor to use a Page as the Home Page, which would give students a "landing pad" when they opened the class, and the Page could be changed to the next Front Page the following week. But then we realized that a Home Page did not have a navigation button to go to the next module. My Canvas Idea was to add a Next button to the Home Page, or to make the Home Page go to the actual Front Page that was chosen and not to a strange copy that did not have a Next button.

Let me know any suggestions to improve my Canvas Idea. Thank you for your support!

Canvas Community - Home Page: Add a Next Button When Using a Front Page

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I’m not 100% I understand what you are trying to do.  Here is a video that might address your problem.  I have a few more videos like this that might be helpful.  I can do a Zoom meeting if you’d like John.  I also included a link to a page that has several more videos.  There may be one that helps.
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Thank you very much, @aaron-garner, for the detailed video about creating navigation tabs! Any tips or instructions about using DesignPLUS and editing HTML is really appreciated. 

I think what I’m basically trying to do is to get Canvas users to click the link and make a comment that this idea about adding navigation buttons to the Home Page would be helpful, and maybe the Canvas developers would implement it.

I went back and added screenshots to help explain what I'm asking for.

Canvas Community - Home Page: Add a Next Button When Using a Front Page

I think creating navigation tabs using DesignPLUS is a clever workaround, but I would prefer having navigation buttons on the Home Page that are built-in. 🙂 


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