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Grades won't save

Vivie Sinou
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My Summer Class finished yesterday; I am doing grades. When I input the new grades, it doesn't save. I did it three times. When I go back to check, it keeps erasing.

I am inputting zeros for the missing assignments. Is there anything I can do to fix this? 

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Deanna de Azevedo
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Hello. Sorry to hear you’re having this experience. It definitely sounds strange, though I have had this experience when working with GRADED SURVEYS and when adjusting scores and forgetting to click the update button at bottom of an assignment.  

In what Canvas location are you entering grades:

  • Gradebook (direct)?
  • Speedgrader (what type of assignment)?
  • Both?

I typically enter ZEROS for missing grades directly in the Gradebook. If you have screenshots, that would be fantastic. Also, I’d be happy to hop on a Zoom and help you figure this out in real-time.

Look forward to hearing back,






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