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Canvas: Inactive students overload

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Hello team! I hope I am posting this in the right place.

In our most recent surge of bots, I had over 300 bots come and go across all of my spring sections.

One residual headache I've been having is that my bots remain listed as inactive students under the "People" tab across all my Canvas course shells. In many cases, the real students I have are lost in a sea of bot remnants I have to navigate. Here's a screenshot of what I am referring to:

[removed: screenshot with student names for privacy]

I know this is mostly a cosmetic annoyance, but is there any way Delta can remove dropped students from our Canvas rosters in general instead of labeling them all as "inactive?" When I taught at Davis, dropped students disappeared entirely from Canvas shells there, so I'm wondering if that is something our team is open to trying.

Please let me know though if Delta has a specific reason for keeping dropped students in Canvas that I'm not aware of. In my view, I just don't see a current benefit to this since the drop history is already available on MyDelta.



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This is related to MyDelta/PeopleSoft and its integration with Canvas. Adds/Drops are updated from MyDelta hourly. There is no way to remove inactive students from Canvas, as the integrity of history is preserved.  If a student is dropped in error, and they are reinstated, their work is there.  

Instead of relying on People for your roster, you can use the gradebook, where by default, you can view just the 'active' (enrolled) students. 

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(@Dustin Tsai)
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Okay, I see. Thank you, Vivie!


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