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TechSmith Cert

Salvador Tolentino
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 Salvador Tolentino
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Hello. I tried clicking the link for Techsmith certification but the link is not working. I don't know how this training works. Am I supposed to watch "Getting Started with Camtasia," "Deeper Dive in Editing," and "Camtasia in the Workplace" in that sequence? There's a bunch of tutorials listed at the bottom but I don't know which ones to take in which sequence. I can't believe I have to say this because I know I'm supposed to be doing Camtasia but do what?

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James Neal
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Hi Salvador and thank you for the question.

First, I want to be sure you are going to the correct link and have connected your license.

Start here

Next, make sure you have activated via the link shown (for me, it shows Sorry, this link isn't working as I have connected my account)

Screen Shot 2021 10 12 at 5.06.58 PM

If you have already connected your account, then you will want to go to the link shown below.

When you go to this link, you should see these options. You can see I have already registered for the Explorer Course, highlighted in pink in the image.


Once you choose that option, there will be a Watch Now button that will allow you to register and begin. This button was located in the upper right hand quadrant on my screen,

Once registered, on the Explorer Certification page you will find the entire course as seen in this next image.


Starting on the top left, you will go into each portion and it will then show you a list of tasks, usually videos and quizzes, to complete that section. 


I hope this helps you get started and please feel free to respond if some part is not quite making sense!




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