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Setting up Appointments with Calendar Scheduler

Vivie Sinou
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I’ve set up appointment blocks in Canvas, and provided the link for students on how to schedule an appointment (link from Canvas Help items):

When I select Student View in Canvas, I don’t see the “Find Appointment” link anywhere. This applies to all Geology classes this semester.

Is there another way for students to sign up for Canvas Appointments (scheduled blocks)?


The test student view is not a good way to verify this, as it's not a real student who is enrolled in your course. However, when looking at your calendar and your real students' view, I don't see any appointment blocks set up by you. Here is a good page that explains how to set this up.

I just tested this and once it's set up, here is what you will see:


Once you have set up appointment groups, you students will have a "Find Appointment" field, just above calendar. When they click on that, they get to choose their class and then they will see available slots.


Right now, I don't see any appointment blocks in your calendars. Not sure how you created these. See the link I posted.


I assume you are 'meeting' students on campus (6 ft apart) or via phone calls?? You would add the 'location' in the field that's provided when you set up events.

You may also consider Option #2 listed in the following post about booking office hour / appointment slots via Zoom. See  


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