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[Sticky] NEW Accessibility Checker in Canvas [Instructions, User Guide, and Video!]

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We are pleased to introduce a new tool in Canvas that checks your pages for accessibility and helps you make changes. The Instructor Accessibility Guide from Pope Tech has been made available by the CCC Accessibility Center and is free to use through June 2021 (with the likelihood that it will be renewed). 

The Instructor Accessibility Guide works with Module Pages, Discussion Pages, Assignment/Quiz Pages, and Announcements -- and can check the page content that an instructor has created or can edit.  When editing one of these pages, you’ll see a “P” button at the bottom of the screen next to “Save” and “Cancel”. 

PT Button

Clicking this button scans your page and opens the accessibility guide on the right-hand side of the screen.

PT Guide

Click the down arrow next to any error that comes up to see what the error is.  In this example, it's an empty link.

PT Error

Click the question mark icon to read more about what the error means and how you can fix it.

PT Empty Link
PT Why it matters

Once you make the necessary fix, be sure to click "Apply" in the Accessibility Guide tool, and then click "Save" to save your Canvas page.

Here is the official user guide from Pope Tech: Instructor Accessibility Guide from Pope Tech

-and here's a 7-min video with more detail on how to use this tool:


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