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Canvas Testing Accommodations

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Moderate this quiz

Moderating a quiz enables the instructor to add time and more attempts for specific students. Please refer to a student's accommodation notice to determine their counselor-recommended additional time. The typical testing accommodation is time and a half (test time plus test time divided by two) or double time (test time times two). At Delta College, the accommodation notice is usually a yellow form. If you don't have the accommodations notice, ask the student to email their current accommodations notice to you. 

To moderate time limits and the number of times a student can retake a quiz, you will need to edit the quiz and check time limit and check number of attempts and adjust those settings first. You cannot moderate time limits and attempts if they are not already set in your quiz.

Moderate This Quiz

The moderating settings can be adjusted by the instructor before the quiz has started by following these steps:

  1. Click the quiz
  2. Click Moderate This Quiz (left column menu)
  3. Next to the student to moderate, click Change user extensions (pencil icon)
  4. Next to Extra time on every attempt, type the additional time the student receives
    • For example, if the student's accommodation is for "time and a half" and everyone already gets 60 minutes, then type 30.
      Extra time


  5. Click Save

There is not a "global" setting for moderating test-taking time. The moderation settings must be set for every student for every quiz.

Canvas Resources

There are more details about giving more test time on a Canvas help guide called how can I give my students extra time.

John Cavano, OTR/L, ATP

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