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Accommodate HQ in Canvas

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What is Accommodate HQ?

@vivie-sinou announced this tool in an email and I thought it might be helpful for Accommodate HQ to have a place in our Forum.

Accommodate HQ is a Canvas tool that enables faculty to give extra test time and extra test-taking attempts for a student globally. Without this tool, faculty had to add extra time and attempts for each student for each quiz. Now instructors can adjust these test-taking accommodations, as well as accommodations for assignments, much more easily from the menu inside their Canvas course.

Screenshot of the Global   by student window with the pencil icon circled

Add Accommodate HQ

Follow these steps to add Accommodate HQ to the Canvas menu:

  1. Open the Canvas course that you want to use Accommodate HQ in
  2. Scroll down and click Settings in the Canvas menu
  3. Click the Navigation tab and scroll down
  4. Next to Accommodate HQ, click the three dots and click +Enable
  5. Optional: click and drag Accommodate HQ to where you want it
  6. Click Save

Add Extra Test Time for a Student Globally

Note: In order to extend the time for a quiz the quiz must already be timed. If extra time is not an option after following the steps below, then the instructor must go back and edit the quiz and set the time limit.

Setting extra time in the following way is helpful if most of the quizzes have the same time limit. Follow the steps below to extend the time limit for all of the quizzes for one or more students:

  1. Click Accommodate HQ
  2. Click the Global – By Student tab
  3. Next to the student’s name, click the pencil on the far right
  4. Next to extra time in every attempt, type the extra minutes allotted to the student, which is listed in the student's accommodations notice: 
    • For time and a half, type the time limit divided by two. For example, if everyone gets 45 minutes, then type 22.5
    • For double-time, type the time limit. For example, if everyone gets 45 minutes, then type 45
  5. Click Save

On the other hand, if most of the quizzes in the course have different time limits, it might be necessary to extend time limits for individual quizzes in the By Assignment tab, or by editing each quiz in Canvas. @deanna-de-azevedo talks about the issue of no test time limit multiplier in her post.

Change Other Settings

For more instructions, such as granting extra quiz attempts, go to the Accommodate HQ user guide.

John Cavano, OTR/L, ATP


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