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Accessible Canvas Quick Sheet

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Accessible Canvas Quick Sheet

Canvas Format

Place all coursework into the Canvas environment, which helps students view the course. Trying to download a PDF or Word file might create a barrier for some students.

When Creating Canvas Pages, Remember the LIST

L is for Links

Do not use the URL to name your links but instead use actual text.

  1. Select descriptive text to make a hyperlink and click Link to URL
  2. Type or paste the URL address and click Insert Link

I is for Images

Insert Edit Image window with Alt Text circled

Alt text, which lets the student know what the image is, can be added before or after the image is placed:

  1. Click the image and click Embed Image
  2. In Alt Text, type a short description of the image
  3. Or, check Decorative Image for borders, section separators, repetitive bitmojis, etc.
  4. Click Update
  5. For images from Flickr, click the image and then click Remove Link

S is for Structure

Headers and Lists chunk text and create navigation points.

  • Create a Header: Click the text and click the Paragraph pull-down. Use Header 2 first and don’t skip Headers.
  • Create a List: Select the text and click either Bullet List or Numbered List

T is for Tables

Example table with a caption that reads points per category

Use tables to organize data, not for page layout. Help students navigate a table by adding a header and caption:

  1. Select the first row of the table and in the Rich Content Editor toolbar click Table.
  2. Click Cell > Cell Properties. For Cell Type choose Header Cell. For Scope choose Column. Click OK.
  3. Then, click Table Properties, check Caption & click OK.
  4. Click the caption area at the top of the table and type some text that briefly describes the table.

Also, Keep in Mind These Three C’s

Check for Accessibility

Check accessibility button
  • Click Check Accessibility (you might need to scroll the Rich Content Editor to the right first)
  • The Accessibility Checker selects items to fix and usually provides a way to fix them
  • It is especially useful for editing tables

Color Contrast and Meaning

Comparison of a graph with solid bars to a graph with patterened bars
  • Text color must be clearly differentiated from the background.
  • Do not represent information ONLY with color but use a combination of color and patterns.

Captioned Videos

Edit captions window in YouTube
  • Use only captioned videos in your course. Captioned videos help all students understand spoken dialog.
  • Upload your videos to YouTube using the Classic Studio, which creates auto-captions you can edit. Or, create videos using Zoom that save to the cloud, which also creates auto-captions that you can edit.

Have Questions?

John Cavano, OTR/L, ATP
Associate Professor / Assistive Technology
San Joaquin Delta College
(209) 954-5151 ext 6106

John Cavano, OTR/L, ATP


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