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Upload a Zoom recording to 3C Media, get it captioned, and embed in Canvas!

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We've integrated 3CMedia with Canvas, but haven't had a chance to explore it. It looks like we should be able to use 3C Media for video management, storing and reuse. If anyone has time, please explore this. 

In the meantime, I wanted to share a video that came through one of my mailing lists today.

The video shows how to download a Zoom recording, upload it to 3C Media Solutions, submit it for captioning, and then securely embed it into Canvas. The embedding process (with 3CMedia) prevents anyone from easily sharing or opening that video outside of Canvas, so student privacy is maintained.

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What a great resource and it looks super simple to use.  I am looking forward to getting my account approved for uploading files so I can try it out.  I like that you can upload non-Zoom videos for those of us who create are own with other programs.

The one thing about privacy though, anyone can still copy anything showing on their computer, but at least embedding it in Canvas makes it more work for somebody to share a video.

Thanks for the helpful link Vivie.

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Yes, it's pretty cool, Aaron. ? I can't wait to find some time to play with it. 

To enable it in one of your shells, go to Settings >> Click on Navigation, at the bottom, you will see this:


Drag and drop it up into your visible course navigation items. SAVE!

You need a 3C Media account,.


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