Flex Workshops (Spring 2022)

Flex Workshops (Spring 2022)

May 12, 2022 Flex Workshops

January 2022 Flex

Below are recorded sessions submitted by presenters.  

1. Shifting Modalities- Online Learning & Assessment, By Dr. Marty LaGrow

3. New Part Time Faculty Orientation, By Dr. Steven Graham

7. Writing in the Disciplines, By Paula Sheil

9. Box- Better Than the Thumb Drive,  By Leo Jon “L.J.” Imutan

11. Microsoft Teams – Communicate more Efficiently, By Leo Jon “L.J.” Imutan

14. Cyber Security – Don’t Get Phished, Leo Jon “L.J.” Imutan

16. PeopleSoft Update, By Leo Jon “L.J.” Imutan

18. Increase Access with HyFlex – By Dr. Pham and Adriana Brogger

20. Course Design For BOTS! By Lynn Hawley

23. Peer Online Course Review, Faculty Panel Discussion – Moderated by Jenn Azzaro

24. How to Submit a Proposal for Policies and Procedures – By David Thomas, Dr. Swanson, and Carolyn Ochoa

25. Student Data- Navigating the Instructional Program Review Dashboards, By Thien-Huong (“Huong”) Ninh

26. OER Resources available from the Library and OER Repositories, by Daniel Ng and Gurmukh Singh

28. Dangers of the Model Minority Myth and Spotting Microaggressions Toward the AANHPI Community (Links to  folder that includes the Zoom recording and supporting documents) – By Lorraine Doria & Vienna Sa

29. 5 Wise Advice To Motivate You to Keep Going During These Hard Times