Equity in Online Teaching

Equity in Online Teaching

Length: 4 weeks, fully online
Prerequisites: Introduction to Canvas. Online Course Design (Canvas 2.0) completion is recommended.


Nov 1 - Dec 5 - Register! (Closed)

Additional sessions will be offered in Spring 2022.

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Jenn Azzaro, Facilitator


In this 4-week guided course, you’ll dive into the eight standards of the Peralta Online Teaching Equity Rubric, which is being used at many CCCs in combination with the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric to create more equitable and inclusive courses that support the success of all online students. You’ll use the rubric to evaluate an online course, discussing each of the rubric criteria with a cohort of colleagues. You will also use the rubric to guide you in creating your own equitable learning activities.

To get the most out of this class, you should have a working knowledge of Canvas and the CVC-OEI Course Design Rubric.

We will focus on two of the eight rubric criteria each week, including:

  • Technology
  • Student Resources & Support
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Images & Representation
  • Human Bias
  • Content Meaning
  • Connection & Belonging

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify elements of sample online courses that demonstrate alignment with rubric criteria;
  2. Analyze online learning activities using the rubric;
  3. Suggest resources, activities, tools, or strategies to help other instructors meet criteria within the rubric;
  4. Create or revise learning resources and/or activities that align with the rubric.

Satisfactory Completion

Faculty who complete this class with a grade of 70% or higher will receive a $350 stipend and 15 hours of Flex.


This class should be a requirement for all faculty who teach online!

I've learned that it's just as important to take the time to explain the significance of my assignments to equity and connecting with my student's unique backgrounds as it is to develop clear instructions.

This Canvas course has prompted me to dig even deeper than previous courses because the tasks were less mechanical and more conceptual.

Wow! This class was eye-opening. I have some real work to do in the representation and bias category. It's challenging to me in the fully online world to make my courses humanizing and representative of my students' cultures, but I now I feel like I can make some strides in that direction.

Thank you for this engaging class! My favorite part of the class has been the instructor spotlights.... I will return to this class often to refresh my memory and "steal" your ideas!

My thoughts about equity in education have expanded and I feel that I have to "dig" deeper to clarify intent and also offer connections that are reflective for students.

This course has been extremely valuable to me. I have long been dedicated to equity, but I lacked the expertise and approach offered by this course. I now have an invaluable resource in helping to make my future courses much better at achieving equity in a variety of ways.