Follow the four-step process to migrate Classic Quizzes Question Banks into New Quizzes Item Banks

  1. Create a Classic Quiz with Questions Banks
    1. In your original course, create a new classic quiz named “IMPORT ITEM BANKS.”
    2. For each question bank you want to migrate, add a separate question group.
    3. Each group should only have one question from the corresponding bank. Set questions and points to 1 each.
    4. Save your work.
  2. Migrate the “IMPORT ITEM BANKS” quiz to New Quizzes:
    1. Go to the quizzes list.
    2. Click the three dots next to “IMPORT ITEM BANKS.”
    3. Select “Migrate.” (This might take a while.)
  3. Export the New Quiz
    1. Open the migrated quiz, in the build section go to the “Exports” tab and click “Create Export.”
    2. Once complete, click the “Quiz Export” link to download the file.
  4. Import the exported file into your new course:
    1. Open your new course and click “Import Existing Content.”
    2. Select the QTI file and choose “Import as a new quiz.”
    3. Verify your item banks transferred successfully. You can then delete the imported quiz.